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1st Summer School Proceedings

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Organized by Rostov State University of Economics in cooperation with ASECU
Rostov-on-Don, Russia
September 12-18, 2011



  • Ekaterina Vernezi
    Transnational Direction of Russian Business Development
  • Irina Komolova
    The optimistic strategy in the crisis time


  • Tatiana Elizarova
    BRICS in world economy: opportunities and problems of cooperation
  • Silvia Miklovičova
    Slovak - Russian bilateral trade relations
  • Lenka Drgova
    Slovak - Russian dairy trade and non-tariff measures
  • Ksenia Filimonova
    Russian economy competitiveness in the global economy
  • Alyona Grinchenko
    Innovation in Russia's economy
  • Juliet Markaryan
    Investment and innovation market as the stimulus for innovative development of Russian economy
  • Alina Lyul'lkina
    The problem of strengthening of the competitive positions of the Russian Federation in the world market of technologies
  • Tatyana Guboglo
    National innovative system as a basis of Russian economic modernization
  • Inna Zubova
    Intellectual assets in formation of innovative economy of Russia
  • Filip Petrović
    Economy of Montenegro
  • Ivan Čanović
    Montenegro in the process of transition
  • Maša Tomković
    Macroeconomic performance of Montenegrin economy in period 2001 - 2010
  • Maria Avanesova
    Comparative analysis of economic development in South Caucasus
  • Ekaterina Krestianinova
    Some problems of economic cooperation of the countries-members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
  • Lampros Gallos, Varvara Gaspari
    Argentina's economic collapse: Can Athens learn from Buenos Aires?
  • Ioanna Athanasatou, Georgios Lampousis
    The economic crisis in Greece
  • Nazary Hristuk
    Ukrainian real estate market trends 2011-2012 in the context of Euro-2012
  • Natalia Ciubuc
    Manpower - Global Country Risk (current evolution)
  • Anna Yakimchuk
    Global energy security: challenges for Russia
  • Eirini Petratou
    Policies to reduce polluting emissions and their economic importance for growth and development
  • Anna Kupenko
    World oil market development prospects for the non-OPEC countries
  • Daria Krasavina
    Russian Federation and World Trade Organization: to enter or not to enter
  • Julia Kalmykova
    The Russian Federation as the center of the international labor migration: structural and legal aspects
  • Alexandra Chubenko
    Prospects of international migration in the world: political and ecological issues
  • Ewelina Januszczak
    Importance of enterprise development on the border areas (a case study of the Podkarpackie province)
  • Dawid Krent
    Development of SME sector in Poland
  • Lusine Dadalyan
    The consequences of financial and economic crisis on the variation of the world wage rate


  • Maria Muradova
    New view at world monetary system
  • Ekaterina Gordeeva
    Post-crisis dynamics of the world foreign direct investments flows
  • Viktoriya Poluyan
    Relevant issues of using the international financial reporting standards IFRS): international experience
  • Alina Frolova
    The influence of international financial reporting standards on the Southern and Eastern European countries' investment attraction
  • Nikita Arkhipenko
    Actual problems of application of the international financial reporting standards in the Southern and Eastern European countries
  • Elena Magdesyan
    Relevant problems of reorientation of Russian standards to the international financial reporting standards
  • Stefan Prolović
    The standardization: necessity and implementation
  • Mihaela Nicolau
    The flat tax - a reality in Eastern Europe
  • Alina Kovtonjuk
    Problems of the national debts in some countries of EU and ways of their resolving
  • Valeria Anufrieva
    Transformation of the Russian Federationís foreign debt problem at the contemporary history of the country
  • Anamaria Avadanei
    Sovereign debts and the speed of economic recovery in South-Eastern European countries
  • Alla Suharnikova
    International Monetary Fund: current state and future prospects
  • Julia Nazarenko
    Impact of globalization on monetary policy in Europe
  • Ioana-Iuliana Tomuleasa
    Implications of current global financial crisis on the financial system in the countries of Central and South Europe
  • Elena Kochurova
    Problems of free currency convertibility in developing countries: case of Russia and China
  • Tamara Ivanova
    Experience of developing countries in creation of international financial centers


  • Marina Verigina
    Corporate social responsibility as a factor of long-term development of society
  • Alkiviadis Karagiorgos
    Corporate social responsibility and the possible merits by its implementation in the countries of South-East Europe
  • Marina Bakulina
    MNC and developing countries: case of Russia
  • Tonine Maverick Massamba
    TNCs and their role in the development of African economies
  • Ekaterina Andrienko
    Innovation by large companies in Russia
  • Anastasija Vatutina
    Innovative activity of large business in Russia
  • Evgeniya Golysheva
    Relationship management of Ukrainian enterprises-innovators
  • Olena Gryshchenko
    The acceptance of marketing innovative decisions in a management system of Ukrainian enterprises
  • Daria Pshenichkina
    Foreign experience of non-motivation of staff and its socio-economic rationale in the management staff of the Russian company
  • Anastasija Rabicheva
    Employee motivation - the key of company success
  • Vasile Anton
    Manpower - engine of development
  • Pavlo Denysenko
    Intellectual Potential of Sustainable Innovative Development as a Component of Knowledge Economy
  • Anastasia Vinogradova
    M&A maturity index as the M&A market efficient analysis instrument
  • Evangelia Zikou, Martin Naumov
    Entrepreneurship as a factor for economic growth
  • Irina Chernayeva
    Intellectual property Management. Managing the development of an innovative project
  • Eirini Ozouni, Vasiliki Pavlidou, Leonidas Dimitrios Mavromatidis
    Technology and growth: linear of cyclical development
  • Sargis Asatryants
    Analysis of show business management according to its spheres


  • Alesya Bychkova
    International tourism, prospects for development
  • Radoslava GreguŠkova
    Regional development and tourist industry: case of the Slovak Republic
  • Anna Panchenko
    Actual problems and trends of development of international outsourcing in Russia
  • Dmitry Kravchenko
    Personal insurance in Russia and ways of its development
  • Emma Najaryan
    The development of the insurance and its present state in the Republic of Armenia
  • Timur Bugaevskiy
    Commercialization of professional sport
  • Mikhail Lagunov
    Modern economic espionage

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